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  • Disponibilidade: 2-5 Dias


  • ZEN-Core Sound Engine with up to 128 voices polyphony
  • 8 parts; 8-track sequencer with 128 steps maximum; 16 clips per sequencer track
  • Up to 8 Loop tracks with Time Stretch and Pitch Shift; 3000 preset tones and 80 drum kits
  • Import of User Samples and Loops via SD Card
  • Sample recording via Line/Microphone inputs
  • Available total time for User Samples: 12 minutes in mono, 6 minutes in stereo (@ 44.1kHz)
  • Supported file format for User Samples: WAV (mono/stereo), 16/24 Bit, 32-96kHz
  • Effects: EQ and Multi-Effect for each part (90 different Multi-Effect types)
  • Master Effects: Compressor, EQ, Reverb, Delay and Chorus
  • Comfortable programming via 16 illuminated and velocity sensitive pads, TR-Stepsequencer, 8 illuminated faders and 3 realtime controlls per track
  • Graphic LC-Display (256 x 80 dots); easy exchange of tracks, pattern and loops with a DAW over USB
  • Build-in USB Audio/MIDI interface; connections: Stereo Mix-Out (2x 6.3mm jack), Assignable Out (2x 6.3mm jack), Stereo Headphones Out (6.3mm jack), Stereo-Send (2x 6.3mm jack), Stereo-Return (2x 6.3mm jack), External-In (2x 6.3mm jack), MIDI In/Out1/Out2, USB B Port
  • Dimensions: 426 x 263 x 60mm (WxDxH)
  • Weight: 2.1kg
  • Included: owner´s manual, external power supply, SD Card

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